Warner Steel Sales


Plasma Cutting, Press Braking, and Miter Cuts

Customized pieces created for your custom project. 

Plasma cutting is a 3-4 day wait. Press brake forming and miter cuts are next day items. All items have individual costs based on material, time, and cuts. Give us a chance to quote your pieces.

Plasma Cutting

Our CNC plasma table can handle sheets up 5’ x 10’ and can pierce up to 5/8” thick or 1 ½” from an edge start. We do everything from one-off pieces to small production runs and cut everything from art work and signs to brackets and tabs. We offer some drawing/designing services, or we can work with a CAD file.  For those looking to send CAD files, we accept .dxf and .svg format. For more information about pricing and capabilities, please email Plasma@warnersteel.com.

Plasma 1.jpg

Press brake 1.jpg

Press Brake Forming

Manual press brake that can handle 20 gauge to 1/8" thick steel or aluminum up to 10' long, 3/16" up to 8' long, and 1/4" up to 5' long. Angles, channels, hat shapes, and z shapes are some of the common pieces bent up. The minimum bend we can do is 1 1/4". We can not form boxes. If a channel is formed, the middle section needs to be about 2x as wide as the legs. 

Miter 1.jpg

Miter Cuts

Miters are available on most stock items. Our miter saw is 6" wide and rotates from square to 45 degrees.